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All the quotes displayed on (Indigiquotes) are copyrighted to their original author and are displayed and maintained as such to the original author as far as is practicable. Indigiquotes neither holds nor claims any copyright over the quotes. Indigiquotes does however, hold copyright over the manner in which the site is constructed and the manner in which the quotes are displayed.  All referrals regarding the Copyright or utilisation of the quotes should be directed to the Author. Copyright remains with the original author and the thoughts, ideas and philosophical concepts they convey are expressly those of the author and not necessarily those of Indigiquotes.

Indigiquotes is a free to air, not for profit organisation and receives no funding, royalties or payment for what it does. We collect our quotes from a variety of sources with the aim of educating and promoting an understanding of the philosophical, historical and cultural concepts of the Indigenous Australian people and their elders to the wider community and public.

Photographs or images attached to the quotes are also copyrighted to their original creator and only free to air or royalty free sources are utilised. In each case the source is identified as far as is practicable. The Photographs and/or images selected are purely utilised from an aesthetic perspective and are often selected to enhance the quote which they represent.

Should you have any queries or questions regarding Indigiquotes please utilise the Contact Us form provided.

Indigiquotes is hosted and supported by the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Public Health Journal (ATSIPHJ).